About Laetitia

Hi, my name is Laetitia, I live in San Francisco, CA, and I love teaching Zumba!

Why, you ask? Well for starters, I love, love, love to dance. When I move, I feel happy and free. Add a room full of happy faces looking to me to lead their dance fitness party train – it just can't get any better!

When I made the decision to become an instructor, I figured it would be a pretty good deal to get paid to do something I already love. I didn't realize the real rewards would be in the wonderful people that I meet and whose lives I get to touch.

Laetitia dancing Waltz
My husband and I dancing the Waltz in a ballroom dance competition
My dance and fitness background

I have been teaching Zumba Fitness classes since 2010. Before that, I trained and competed in ballroom dancing. My husband and I met on the dance floor at a college club and competed as amateurs, eventually turning professional. As a teacher and competitor I trained in not only the smooth ballroom dances, such as waltz, tango, and foxtrot, but also the latin dances like salsa, cha cha, merengue, and samba, that served as the bridge into my bootie-shaking Zumba career!

Come join me!

I would love the opportunity to share my love of dance and Zumba fitness with you! It's an hour of exercise in disguise that can transform your entire mood for the day, and your body, over time. No matter how tired or stressed I am, after class I feel great, and I hope all my students feel the same way too!